Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Milange, Mozambique

From 6 to 9 August I visited and taught in Milange, Mozambique, just a ten-minute bicycle-taxi ride from the Malawi-Mozambique border post at Muloza. For three of those days we met with men and women from churches in Milange and the neighboring districts. The group numbered 137 the first day, and by the end of the time there there were around 300 present.

I enjoyed the hospitality of Amos Jekete Suwande and his wife, who serve as Malawian missionaries in Mozambique. They took excellent care of me, and we had hours of pleasant visiting time with each other and with a number of Mozambican leaders who were attending the seminar sessions. I taught on principles for waging spiritual warfare, looking at Biblical texts from Genesis through Joshua, and from the books of Ephesians and James, primarily.

A view of the outside of the house where Jekete and his wife live, and where I stayed while in Milange

They divided the living room of the house with a sheet - we did our eating and visiting together on the near side and I slept on the other side.

Some of the students outside the church building where the seminar took place - notice all the bicycles under the mango tree beside the building.

Inside the church building during a break in the teaching

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I also love that you are aging yearly! :) From family photos I've seen I think you and Danetta really have handled aging quite well! I have been in KS visiting Jon for a week. I was pleasantly surprised by two new posts! Thanks! Deborah