Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday out and about

Emily asked me several times today about taking a bird walk together. So, about midway through the afternoon we outfitted ourselves with binoculars and made a short round of our immediate neighborhood. There's a naturally swampy valley just down the slope from our house, where at various points little springs feed a tiny stream that runs down the middle of the valley. It's an excellent habitat for a variety of birds, and there's a plethora of flowering vegetation types, both wild and cultivated. We walked a short distance on two sides of this little wetland, and slightly more than half-way round met Jonathan and Luke coming to meet us from the direction of the house.

Here the three kids are half sitting next to a small spring, with cassava plants in the background, as they look across the way at some of the birds we spotted.

Not far from there we came across this black and white butterfly on a lantana bush (no idea what kind of butterfly it is).

A pleasant way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon together in Mbale.

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Rebecca said...

That looks like a great way to spend the day with your kids. I was very blessed to have Leila spending this day with me too, and I thank you guys for loaning her to me. It was a blast, and I have really missed you all, so it was great to have 3 members of the team come for my big day.