Sunday, November 18, 2007

Asher and the lids #3

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Asher and the lids #2

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Asher and the lids

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We have pictures of Luke, taken about 8 years ago, surrounded by stacks of baskets or pots and pans. Asher, just like Luke before him, loves to pull things out of cupboards and "re-organize" them!

Asher grins

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Jonathan and Luke spent a while this afternoon taking pictures of their little brother.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday hapnin's

Sunday morning most of the family stayed in town while I went with Vince and Joy Vigil, Jennifer Ashlock and some Ugandan friends to visit Kapuwai church in Pallisa district. It's a fairly young church, and we had a lot of children there, as you can see:

In the evening it was pancakes as usual at our house, with assorted ways and means of hanging out. Vince and most of the boys gave the game cube a work-out:

Joy, Jennifer and Lydia got a card game going:

Kimberly and Emily were another card-playing duet:

And Leila, Becca, Ian and Heidi treated several songs in various ways:

Emily asked Danetta to take a picture of her in her over-sized T-shirt (one she decorated at the All-Africa Missionary Conference in Malindi, Kenya back in July):