Friday, February 22, 2008

Asher the bookworm

Asher Feb 2008 with book
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Leila recently posted this pic of Asher on her Xanga blog -- called him a bookworm, already at less than two years old!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guest post by Shawn - Bulago & Kaderuna

This past Sunday I drove almost 100 miles south to visit a new church called Bulago just 400 yards from the shores of Lake Victoria southwest of Busia, Uganda. While there we baptized 22 people.

Olupot James in the maroon shirt did the baptizing.

More than 40 of us walked to the lake to witness the new births.

There is a growing evangelistic effort south of Busia. We praise God for the growth in that direction. One report came to us that a new church has been established on Sugulu Island an hour's boat ride from Bulago. It sounds like we will have some island visits coming up later this year.


We started this year's discipleship classes. We have scheduled five days a month to teach five different small groups of leaders in five different districts. However, the church leaders come from more than one district. The Tororo group has leaders from four districts attending. This year we are focusing on the work of a preacher. We will cover salvation, weddings, funerals, church organization, baby dedications, finances, as well as other relevant issues for these leaders.

We provide materials for additional study and for future reference when needed. We also give them free pens and pocket diaries to help them organize future meetings and mark MTI course dates. Such advanced communication ensures better participation in mission programs.

Ian has gone with me these first few meetings and took part in our third meeting to teach the last half of the session. These pictures are from our Kaderuna meeting in Pallisa district. William Mbulakyalo, our Bachelor's degree candidate, is standing to the left of Ian and translating into Lugwere.
We have asked that each group be about 15 church leaders. The first three had 17-19 each. This means we should be seeing more than 80 church leaders each month in this discipleship program.

Shawn Tyler