Sunday, October 07, 2012

Watch & Pray Update

B. & Ruth Shelburne, Shawn & Linda Tyler, Ian & Danetta with Emily, Asher, Jonathan & Luke - September 2012 in Lubbock, Texas

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Year-end Family News

November & January Trips, Family News

Ian enjoyed some productive time in Kenya and Uganda in November (2011). He attended an ag seminar at Twiga Demonstration Farm in western Kenya, the site of his dissertation research, discussed plans for upcoming data collection there, and taught church leaders about teamwork. It was a pleasure too to be back in Mbale, Uganda, to re-connect with coworkers there, teach a 3-day class at Messiah Theological Institute, attend the annual graduation ceremony there, and participate in several university-planning meetings.
January 11 (2012) Ian will make another trip to Uganda and Kenya, Lord willing. He plans to be in Mbale for the opening of LivingStone International University January 16. After his time in Uganda he will be in Kenya again for intensive field research and some partnership-building work with one or more universities there.
Danetta finds many ministry opportunities in her daily teaching and tutoring at Woodson school, and she is blessed with quality coworkers there. She is now over halfway through her master's degree program - excelling in that - and continues to serve the rest of us in the family in a million ways.
The kids have stayed busy this year with school and church activities.
  • Josiah was busy with school until he graduated - since then he's "in-between" and pondering what he'll do next.
  • Leila (3rd year at Harding U) currently calls her major "psycholinguistics" - probably goes well with her fascination with languages and propensity for intriguing word choices.
  • Nathanael (11th grade) has played on a couple of soccer teams and has recently started working at an after-school job.
  • Jonathan (9th grade) spends a good bit of time with band (clarinet); he will be in the high-school honor band starting in January.
  • Luke (8th grade) enjoys choir and tennis, and recently became student council president at his middle school.
  • Emily (3rd grade) stays busy with a wide variety of things, as long as they involve being with friends.
  • Asher (pre-K) is finishing his first semester of being in school 5 days a week. As the last of the kids to be dropped off at school in the mornings, he's developed a habit of praying for his siblings and classmates (and whatever else comes to mind) in the car.