Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Haircut

A few days before Christmas last month, Asher got a haircut. Actually he likes having them, and whenever one of the other kids is "under the shears," Asher starts begging for his own turn. From the pictures below, though, you could be excused for doubting whether he enjoys EVERY moment in the chair!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bushara Island in Lake Bunyonyi

(Below) Pelican Landing on Bushara Island in Lake Bunyonyi -- that's where you disembark from the 20-foot outboard motor boat after a 10- or 15-minute trip from the dock on the mainland. We spent five delightful days on the island in early January as part of Leila's senior trip before she starts work on a degree from Harding University in August.

(Below) Part of our daily routine was paddling a dugout canoe around the island -- hard work, but a lot of fun and gorgeous views of the lake- and island-scapes.

(Below) Boubou Tent, where half the family domiciled while on the island (Leila had her own tent-apartment on the verandah.)

(Below) Games during the day on the verandah of Swallows Restaurant

(Below) Supper at Swallows Restaurant...evenings were pleasantly cool, even though this time of year it's hot and dry in most of the rest of Uganda. Bunyonyi is a lake nestled at quite high altitude among the mountains of southwestern Uganda.

(Below) Jonathan demonstrating a bit of daring on the rope swing out over the chilly lake water, while Leila watches from below

(Below) Luke and Jonathan on the anchored raft off of Jacana Dock