Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday night at the pancakes

One of our long-time weekly family traditions is having pancakes on Sunday evenings. Over the past few years it's developed into an open-house to which coworkers and other friends from the community come to hang out, eat pancakes, visit, converse, sing, strum, drink lots of coffee, etc. I took these pictures last night after several of the crew had already left:

Danetta, Emily and Laura Beth

Nathanael, Josiah, and Nathan giving the new couch a work-out

Stephan and Heidi trying a tune

Resting from the rigors of pancake consumption

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Anonymous said...

Hi and welcome to the 'Blogosphere'.

I came across your blog as i was looking through random blogs.

It's always good to learn about others and how they're serving God.

I like your title too, we were in Tanzania for a year in 98 so got it straight away.

I'll definitely be popping by from time to time.

God bless