Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mainly for Asher's grandparents

We just returned from three enjoyable days of retreat with our whole mission team. Kingfisher Safaris Resort was the place, situated on a bay in Lake Victoria just next to the point at which it gives birth to the fabled White Nile. Sunday after our worship time together, Phillip Shero and I with several of our boys (and Emily) piled into a boat and took a tour through the neck of the Nile and a mile or so downriver. Saw quite a variety of birds and animals, including a four-foot water monitor lizard that one could be forgiven for mistaking for a small crocodile.

Danetta took these pictures while we were at the retreat. I share them mainly for what they show of Asher rather than for the bits of me that got included. One of Asher's grandmothers told me at Thanksgiving that current pictures of him were way overdue!

Smile, dad!

That's, let's see what I can grab--

...that shirt makes a good handle!

Some things are precious beyond our ability to value, like this little boy's smile.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Finally someone(Grandma) complained enough to get some results!:)They are great photos! He has changed sooo much!Still very cute! He looks like he is drooling about the same amount as Ben. Alot!
I realize Ian wasn't wanting to be in the pics, but it was nice to see him anyway.We love you! Deborah & Family

Anonymous said...
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