Friday, May 08, 2009

Rainforest Lodge, Mabira

In March we were blessed with the unexpected opportunity to spend a night at the Rainforest Lodge in Mabira Forest between Jinja and Kampala. We recommend it.

When you arrive at reception, you can tell immediately that the lodge has been built IN the rain forest -- not a single tree or plant was removed unnecessarily.

From this side of the main restaurant building, the steps take you up to the second/upper level.

Our cabin -- you can tell it's built on a slope, so is entirely supported by pilings and you look out from your bedroom into the mid-storey of the rain forest all around.

You can have tea/coffee or meals on the upper level of the main building, if you like, with a view out into the middle and upper levels of the forest.

Marmite and French brown mustard -- civilized cuisine!

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