Friday, September 07, 2007

Back to Ogur & blessings of the rain

A couple of Sundays ago Leila, along with teachers Becca and Kimberly, joined me on a visit to Ogur Akano, in Lira district. I had been there once before, when we distributed food and other needed supplies to people who were displaced by rebel attacks in the area. That was about four years ago, and since then those people have spent most of the time in a camp for displaced people. It was good to see them back home again! They greeted us when we arrived with cheers and waving branches covered with leaves and flowers. Leila blogged her impressions of the day, complete with an array of images, here:

(Just copy and paste that URL into your browser window and it should take you to Leila's article and pictures)

It's been RAINY in Mbale for many weeks now. This has kept the weather cool and the air clear of the dust and haze that rapidly accumulates when the rain stays away. And, the Great Artist does amazing sky- and mountain-scapes all around us. It can be quite a show:

Rainbow over Wanale mountain

Late afternoon sunlight splashed on clouds over Wanale after the rain

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Those pics make me want to save my money to come back! It has been too long! Thanks for the wonderful update. We are doing good, Kenneth is busy with school. The boys and I seem to always stay busy...Although I am not sure what we are really getting done:) Ben is trying to talk a lot. His favorite word seems to be chicken.(shichin)Will is about to start Bible Study Fellowship with me this week. We miss ya'll!Love- Deborah