Sunday, January 28, 2007

Asher, Emily & other "kids"

As you can see, Asher has started sitting up. We still stash a few cushions around him, but he's developing enough stability not to topple all that often any more. He tends to go over on his tummy more than any other direction, when he's trying to grab something that's just out of reach in front of him. Crawling is still in his future, though, so he ends up being a bit frustrated once he's no longer sitting and able to do as much with his hands.

Asher with Emily--a seriously cute combination (and I'm not even a grandparent!). We've been fostering Emily for three and a half years. Right now we're waiting for a court date to present our petition to the magistrate to formalize Emily's adoption into our family.

Last week we hosted students for three courses at Messiah Theological Institute. During one of our lunch breaks a couple of half-grown goats wandered into the classroom.

One of them, before being shooed out, hopped up on a bench and started to sample a student's folder. They do say a goat will eat just about anything!

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